Civil Engineering


USTA National Tennis Center, Flushing, NY, United States Tennis Association

de Bruin serves as the Site and Utility Engineer for the USTA National Tennis Center at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, the largest public tennis facility in the world, and the host of the US Open Tennis Championships, which is considered the premier tennis event in North America.  We are responsible for tennis court design, site layout and materials, grading, storm water, sanitary, water supply, and gas utilities.  Our work requires coordination with all other disciplines.  The USTA site is a challenging environment with ongoing settlement issues, groundwater near the surface, and location in a flood zone.  We have provided engineering for over $50 million of civil engineering and tennis court construction work including:
Louis Armstrong Stadium - 2016 to 2018
Replacement of stadium with a brand-new 14,000-seat version featuring a new retractable roof with a larger opening than Ashe Stadium - $150 million
Ashe Roof - 2013 to 2016
New retractable roof over the largest tennis stadium in the world.  New electrical sub-station and chiller plant to serve the demands of the enclosed environment - $150 million
South Campus Improvements - 2013 to 2016
Expansion and construction of south campus including five mini-stadiums and 5 tournament courts - $65 million
Grandstand - 2013 to 2016
New 8,000 seat tennis stadium - $75 million
West Campus Improvements - 2013 to 2014
5 new practice courts, mini stadiums for three new tournament courts, and a new 3,000 sf support building - $20 million
Court 17 - 2011 to 2012
New 2,600 seat stadium - $7 million
Fast Dry Tennis Courts - 2000
Four new indoor Hartru Tennis Courts - $400k
Indoor Multi-Purpose Venue - 2006
Replacement of seven practice courts for the US Open - $250k 


Fordham University, Bronx, NY, Fordham University

de Bruin serves as the Site and Utility Engineer for the Fordham University Rose Hill Campus.  The Rose Hill Campus is located on 85 acres in the north Bronx, it is among the largest “open space campuses” in New York City.
Garage Signage and Southern Boulevard Entrance, 2010-2011

The intent of the project was to provide signage and pavement marking as necessary to clarify vehicle and pedestrian circulation patterns and rights of way, re-align east entrance to the garage to improve traffic safety, provide safe pedestrian routes into and out of the north side of garage, secure south side of garage with new fencing and gate, add lane at Southern Boulevard entrance to improve traffic flow and re-configure entrance to Lot A to accommodate changes, replace existing guard booth to improve technology, and repave and re-stripe access road to garage.   Construction included Install new signage and pavement markings in garage, traffic signs, sidewalks, curbs, fences, gates, pavement restoration, replace bollards, replace guard booth and security gate, install cobble stone crosswalks, renovate entrance sign, install dumpster pad, and landscaping.  We provided design services, presentation drawings, construction documents, permitting, construction administration and inspection.

Constitution Row Paving and Drainage Improvements, 2011

The objectives of the project was to improve grading and drainage to control overland flow through parking field down to the prep school.  Our services included site survey, design and construction documents, assistance during bid phase and construction phase.

Larkin Hall Drainage Improvements, 2010-2011

The project objective was to correct flooding problem in walk area by eliminating the use of a utility manhole as a drainage inlet and install a new drain inlet and piping and make pavement improvements.  Replacement of the accessible ramp was later added to the project, as well as the addition of three parking spaces.  Our services included design, construction documents, permitting, construction administration and inspection.

South Walkway, 2011

The project focus was to improve the overall aesthetics of the walkway since it is the main path for visitors into the campus.  To achieve this goal the walkway was realigned to provide screening of buildings on the south side and provide a smoother transition west of Tierney Hall, replace several retaining walls, steps at Hughes Avenue, and improve pavements, curbs and fencing as necessary for the length of the project.  Our services included design, construction documents, permitting, construction administration and inspection.


TOH Street Lighting Resiliency Program, Merrick – Seaford, NY, Town of Hempstead

New York experienced significant loss from the storms of 2011 and 2012. Thousands of homes, businesses, and basic community services were damaged or destroyed. These consecutive storms - Irene, Lee, and Sandy - also revealed how Long Island communities are at risk in future storm events. The intent of this project is to provide battery back-up power to selected street lights on Sunrise Highway (129 lights) and Merrick Road (38 lights) in accordance with the Town’s Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) grant. The goal is to provide power for 2 to 3 nights in the event of a major power outage. The available construction budget for this work is approximately $1.3 million.


Four Ponds Dredging & Preserve Restoration, Southern Nassau County, NY, County of Nassau

The project encompassed dredging and park improvements at four ponds including Loft’s Pond, Silver Lake, Tanglewood Pond and Mill Pond.  The project objective was to balance the need for public access, passive recreation, and the preservation or enhancement of water quality, fish and wildlife habitat and restore the ponds that have been impaired due to storm water runoff and bank erosion and address the declining aesthetic condition of the parks.  Construction included new pedestrian walkways and bridges, landscaping, lighting, grading of existing areas, drainage, installation of park benches, trash receptacles, fishing piers, gazebos, hydraulic dredging, bulkheading/erosion control, wetland planting, and installation of aeration systems.  Our services included topo, utility and hydrographic surveys, watershed base map research, Environmental and Engineering Study and Report, storm runoff calculations, preparation of hydraulic profiles, sampling and testing of pond sediments, review of pond biology, DEC Permits, met with local Civic Associations, construction documents, submittal review, respond to RFI's, and project management.  The improvements were made to the satisfaction of Nassau County Department of Recreation and Parks, Nassau County Department of Public Works, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), and United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The construction cost was $4,500,000.


Mercedes Benz of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes dealership on Shore Road in Brooklyn added an addition to the existing building. de Bruin’s work included Tax Lot Apportionment, site grading and paving, and design of storm water improvements in compliance with NYSDEC Tidal Wetlands and Storm Water Management requirements. The existing walks, curbs, driveway aprons and pedestrian ramps were replaced and new trees and tree pits installed.


Montefiore Hospital Goldstein Wing, New Rochelle, NY, Montefiore Hospital

The Goldstein Wing of Montefiore Hospital in New Rochelle underwent renovations to the ground floor and first, second and third floors. In support of this effort de Bruin designed access to meet existing and new entrances into the building. Construction included reconstructing steps to create a wider entrance and provide a new ADA ramp. This work required the reconstruction of a section of the public sidewalk which resulted in some grades in excess of 10%.and a new ADA pedestrian ramp from the street curb. An existing stepped terrace was renovated with blue stone treads, porous concrete pavers and bench seating to create a public space. de Bruin also provided routing of new underground electrical service to a new pad mounted transformer and designed footings for a new Montefiore sign. 

Barnum Isle Area

Barnum Isle Area, Island Park, NY, Town of Hempstead

This 26,000’ road and drainage improvement project served 450 homes and an elementary school within the confines of an active area, which includes the Island Park business district.  The project objective was to raise sections of the roadways to elevations that would reduce the frequency of storm water flooding. Construction consisted of pavement replacement, drainage with structures up to 54" in diameter, concrete sluice ways through environmentally sensitive areas, installation of storm water treatment units, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and aprons, relocation of utilities, including gas, electric, telephone, cable and water, and property restoration. Our services included a drainage study, design, construction documents, permitting, construction administration and inspection. The construction cost was $5,500,000.  


Warner Avenue - Lincoln Avenue Re-alignment, Roslyn Heights, NY, County of Nassau

The project consisted of approximately 1,300' of road where the intersection of Warner Avenue and Lincoln Avenue meet the entrance to the Roslyn Station parking field of the Long Island Railroad.  The project was later expanded to include the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Roslyn Road.  The project objective was to improve traffic flow and safety by clarifying traffic patterns at this complex intersection while taking into account the high degree of pedestrian traffic, railroad crossing, four bus stops, and close proximity of the local high school. Construction included turning lanes, road re-alignment, full pavement reconstruction, sidewalks, curbs, driveway aprons, rehabilitation of a passive sitting area, private property restoration to accommodate small grade changes, and relocation of sewer force main.  The overall construction cost was $1,500,000. Our responsibilities included topo and utility surveys, design, construction documents, conduct public information meetings, right of way mapping, property acquisitions, coordination with the LIRR and major utilities, construction management and inspection. 


St Paul's Recreational Facility, Garden City, NY, Village of Garden City

The new athletic complex at the former St. Paul’s School, which serves up to 1,500 children on any given weekend, includes soccer and lacrosse fields, a baseball field, a little league/softball field, a passive park area with walking trail, a parking lot for 200 cars, playgrounds for pre-school and elementary school children, and a new park building in the center of the facility which includes men's and women's restrooms, a storage area, 300 square foot roofed space that provides shelter and vending machines. Services included topo and utility surveys, construction documents, permitting, submittal review, respond to RFI's, project management, consulting to the client on phasing of  construction to meet their budget constraints and priorities for implementation. 


Sunrise Highway Streetscape Improvements, Lynbrook, NY Village of Lynbrook

The project spanned two miles of road through the Incorporated Village of Lynbrook.  The project objective was to provide a clear identity for the central business district and improve the aesthetics of the adjacent area with a street lighting system upgrade. Construction included lighting, new sidewalks and landscaping.  Our services included construction documents, permitting, bid assistance, respond to RFI's, run project meetings, process contractor payments, work with merchants to ensure continuous operation of their businesses, and construction inspection. The construction cost was $3,200,000.  


Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium, SUNY at Stony Brook, NY, Richard Dattner Architect

To meet the requirements of NCAA Division 1 competition, the State University Construction Fund retained Richard Dattner & Partners to design a new 7,500-seat football stadium.  Based on our work with Dattner at the Goodwill Games Aquatic Center we were brought in to design the site utilities for the project.  The new stadium floor was designed to be 17’ below the existing grade to keep the elevation of the stadium consistent with adjacent structures. This created a challenge for the design of the drainage system, which we solved with a new trunk drain to recharge basins on the West Side of campus.  Our work included the addition of two sets of gas, water, sewer, chilled water, and high temperature hot water mains in an already congested utility corridor.  Using record data and exploratory test holes we designed a preliminary utility scheme.  As as-built record drawings were not always available; further utility conflicts were discovered during construction. We continued to coordinate the design during the progression of construction with the architect, facilities manager, prime contractor and his various sub contractors on the job-site. Redesigns were completed on short notice in order to keep the contractor's working and to maintain the construction schedule. Additional utility design included site electric including duct bank design and participation in the design of the extensive fiber optic communication system. Ultimately, over 12,000 feet of new utilities were added to the campus as a result of this project. 


Milburn Creek Culvert Extension, Baldwin / Freeport, NY, County of Nassau

The existing site included two 5'x12' cast-in-place culverts constructed under the LIRR and Sunrise Highway and terminating on the north side of the railroad.  The hydraulic capacities of these two culverts were found to be just adequate for the Milburn system when a detention basin was proposed on the Brookside Preserve property.  Without the detention basin they are slightly undersized, plus the County demolished the culvert 100’ north of the LIRR further restricting this system.  The project objective was to increase the hydraulic capacity in order to reduce flooding in the area adjacent to the Brookside Preserve.  Construction included repairs to the existing culverts and construction of two 5'x12' cast-in-place culverts connected to the existing culverts.  The construction cost was $870,000.  Our services included survey, construction documents, construction management and construction inspection.  


Haypath Community Center, Old Bethpage, NY, Town of Oyster Bay

The objective of the project was to provide the community with a new 1,800 square foot community center in an existing Town Park. The building included a large community space with a small kitchen, office, utility room, toilets for interior use, a toilet for exterior access from the park, and storage. We sited the building to create a large, sunlit brick patio on its southern exposure, and to provide easy access for seniors in this generally hilly site.  Construction included site grading, walkways, patio, drainage, water/RPZ, sanitary sewer, cable, telephone, and parking field lighting. Our services included survey, site and utility design, project management, coordination and scheduling for four prime contracts, construction inspection, and construction management for this Wicks' Law project.  The estimated cost was $600,000. 


Garden City Community Park Pool Redevelopment, Garden City, NY, Village of Garden City

de Bruin implemented a multi-phased program to renovate the outdoor pool complex consisting of a recreational pool, wading pool, and a competitive swimming pool.

Phase 1, 2002

Complete renovation of recreational pool with replacement of filter systems, replacement of diving boards with two 150’ long water slides, construct of rimflow gutter with perimeter surge trench, and construct a new 2,500 square foot wading pool.  Replace pool decks and add sunshelters.

Phase 2, 2002

Renovated the competitive swimming pool with the replacement of filter systems, installation of a handicap access ramp into the pool, installation of stainless steel overflow channel, and installation of PVC liner in pool.  Estimated cost for Phase 1 and 2: $2,800,000

Pool Redevelopment, 2012

Existing wading pool was removed and a new wading pool with interactive water features constructed.  A greenhouse was demolished to make way for the new filter building and equipment that serves the wading pool and a new drywell installed for backwash. The decks around the wading pool were redesigned to make better use of the space and additional playground equipment installed.  Partial renovation of the recreational pool included replacement of the rimflow coping stones and rehabilitation of the pool slide.  Site work included the removal of trees and a raised deck near the competitive swimming pool for more deck space, relocated a maintenance road, installed new walkways, restored lawn areas, installed fencing and sun shelters.  Estimated cost: $1,775,000.